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Patient Charting & Documentation Management

Optimise Patient Notes and Charting with Custom Templates

Patient Charting & Documentation Management

Comprehensive digital patient records

Allow users to manage patients charting at their convenience. It includes a patient's medical chart, health record & financial information.

Specialty-specific Patient Charting

With pre-built intelligent workflows that change based on specialization, documents can be produced even more quickly.

Customize Visit Note Templates

Structured templates to streamline the documentation process and optimize physicians' time during patient encounters.

Take control of your schedule

Easy and Faster Scheduling

Optimize Provider Availability Management

Providers can set up a calendar for in-person and virtual appointments for weeks or months. It can include time zone, providers' locations, working hrs, break hours & holidays.

Fully Integrated Calendar System for Streamlined Efficiency

Sync your calendars on iCal, Google, and Outlook to manage work and personal appointments effectively.

Appointment booking widget

Allow patients to schedule appointments from the provider's website.

Paperless Intake

Collect patients' previous health history before appointments to save their time.

Appointment Booking and Availability Management

Patient Engagement

 Stay connected with patients beyond visits

Integrated Telehealth

Enable virtual connections with providers to ensure timely treatment for patients.

Secure Messaging & sharing files

Engage your patients in a method they prefer (text, phone, or email). Secure texting makes it simple to communicate with patients or other staff members.

Timely receives Notifications & Reminders

Set email, phone, or text message reminders to automatically contact patients in advance about upcoming appointments.

Patient Mobile App & Patient Portal

Allows patients to access their health information, communicate with care teams, manage documentation, and complete intake forms online.

Secure Messaging and Telehealth

Accurate Billing and Coding

Seamless Medical Billing Integration

EHR Medical Billing and Coding

Insurance eligibility verification & Claim Submissions

Increase staff efficiency and practice profitability with the Practice EHR Electronic Eligibility Verification that offers real-time coverage verification.

Autofill encounter in Superbill

 Auto-populate CPT codes based on ICD codes, enabling billers to generate a Superbill instantly for patient encounters.

Integration with a third-party Payment gateway to collect Payment

EHR Practice management application can be connected to multiple third-party payment gateways to accept patient copays and self-pays.

Specialty Specific Solution

Custom Solution for your Specialty

Your specialty has unique needs for medical billing, practice management, and EHR solutions. We exceed those needs by helping you optimize your practice performance — financial, clinical and patient — through our integrated cloud-based solutions.

Our medical forms and charting shortcuts have been tailored for over 20 specialties to boost efficiency, reduce errors, and provide an intuitive experience, whether you're on iPhone, iPad or desktop.


Unique Specialty Served


Speciality EHR Delivered

Primary Care

Urgent Care


Physical therapy



Internal Medicine









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 E-prescribing and lab orders

Send e-prescriptions & lab orders instantly

Integration with Pharmacy and Lab Networks

Easily integrate with major pharmacy and lab networks to ensure compatibility and streamlined communication.

e-Prescription Management

Automate e-prescription creation, review, and transmission to pharmacies, along with automated dosage calculations

Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)

Allow providers to electronically enter medical orders, such as medications, laboratory tests, radiology examinations, and other treatments


Allow system to seamless data exchange and communication among healthcare providers, pharmacies, and labs

Integrated e-prescription & lab Integration with EHR

Practice Management & Administration

Reduce your practice workload using our automated workflows

Streamline Administrative Tasks

Take control of your practice’s financial and administrative processes, saving time and resources while improving accuracy and productivity.

Robust reporting & Analytics

Generate a variety of custom reports on practice statistics, patient statistics, medical conditions etc.

Role base Access management

Define and manage access privileges of practice members at a granular level.

IPractice Management & Administration

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Appointment Booking

Patient Charting

Encounter & Notes

Automated Billing

Credit card Processing

Patient portal

Third party Invoicing


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Everything in Starter, plus

Customizable notes and assessments

Appointment reminders

Secure client messaging

Professional website

Online appointment requests


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Everything in Essential, plus

Calendar Sync

Appointment request widget.

Point of Sale and Integrated Payments

Add team members

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HIPPA Compliant

Safeguard sensitive PHI data with a HIPAA-compliant EHR system.

Mobile App

Mobile app allows you to manage everything, from scheduling to billing, all in one place.


Gather and analyse valuable data for informed decision-making.


Multiple layers of encryption, ensuring 100% security and compliance.

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Track and monitor every sign-in, account change, and other activity in real time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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An EHR is a digital record of a patient's medical details. It is stored in a centralized location, and only authorized healthcare providers can access it. It contains patients' medications, allergies, immunizations, problems, encounters, SOAP notes, financial details, insurance information, preferred laboratory, radiology, and reports. Patient medical records can be shared with multiple healthcare providers upon request.

The EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is a digital copy. It contains information on a person's medical history, diagnoses, prescriptions, dates of vaccinations, and allergies. Another healthcare provider can print and receive the patient's medical file.

EMR is a patient-managed internal organizational system, whereas EHR is an inter-organizational system utilized within a clinician's office.

The following are the key features of EMR/EHR Solutions:

  1. Easy Patient onboarding and Scheduling
  2. Appointment management
  3. Provider group and provider management
  4. Customizable templates and questionnaire
  5. Secure messaging and calling
  6. Use of Reporting Task Management Capabilities in Depth
  7. Accelerate Patient Encounters

EMR/EHR software development refers to designing, building, and maintaining electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) systems. EMR/EHR developer use programming languages and software development methodologies to create user-friendly and secure systems that store and manage patient data.
EMR development involves creating a digital version of a patient's medical chart, including their medical history, diagnoses, medications, test results, and treatment plans. EHR development focuses on a more comprehensive view of a patient's health, incorporating data from multiple healthcare providers and systems to create a longitudinal record of their care. EHR/EMR developer must adhere to strict regulatory requirements like HIPAA to ensure patient data privacy and security.

EHR software developers use .Net, Java, Python, Nodjs, PHP, angular, react, Vue js, flutter, etc. to develop EHR applications.

We assign a dedicated project manager for your project when you hire EHR developer for your project. The project manager will report on the project's progress and deliverables throughout development.

Yes, we do. We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) for a confidential client relationship.